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     Fragrance 101 

     Join Melanie Jane, on an odyssey through scent where you'll learn the fundamental aspects of perfumery, as she demystifies the confusing world of scent and shares a goldmine of insider tips and tricks from her 25 years' experience! 
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    Be An Expert

    You'll learn more about perfumery in this short course, than you ever could searching for information on the web!

    Train Your Nose

    Understand the similarities and differences within the fragrance families using simple techniques.

    Discover Facts

    Get the real facts about perfumery and not the marketing myths. Melanie Jane reveals the truth you need to know.
    Join me, on this intoxicating journey through fragrance. You may think you've heard it all about the basics of perfumery, but trust me, you'll feel enlightened, empowered, and motivated to learn more about this fascinating world.
    melanie jane

    Fragrance 101 Course

    Who Is This Course For?

    you'd be suprised at who can benefit from this course...
    • Perfume Sales/Marketing Personnel-Boost your selling power, increase sales, and get ahead in your career .
    • Brands in the Fragrance Industry-Become an authority on the subject and impress your clients.
    • Aromatherapists-Discover the aesthetics of  fragrance to better understand your therapeutic blends.
    • Essential Oil Resellers-Boost your credibility and sales.
    • Beauty & Perfume Professionals-Step up the career ladder with your newfound knowledge.
    • Cabin Crew-top duty free sellers know their products, so be an expert on the perfumes you sell on board!
    • Crafters-understanding perfumery basics will help you to grasp basic blending techniques and make better smells!
    • Perfume enthusiasts-who want to understand the structure of scent.
    • Perfume bloggers and reviewers-stand out in a crowded arena. Show your followers you know your stuff, and that your write-ups aren't full of fluff!

    Fragrance 101 Course

    The course on Natural Perfumery exceeded my expectations. Melanie's thoughtfully developed program is excellent for those with minimal knowledge to someone with a vast understanding of essential oils.
    Founder - Vela Nova Fine Fragrance
    Meet YOUR instructor

    Melanie Jane

    "Fragrance 101 was developed with complete beginners in mind. I will take you through the confusing world of scent, as I introduce the intoxicating triangle, followed a fabulous journey through fragrance-a complete chapter that you won't find on any other platform. You can buy some oils from the recommended list, and join me on this virtual journey through scent from the comfort of your own home!"
    Patrick Jones - Course author

    Yes I want the Course!

    You're never fully dressed without perfume.
    c. joybell c.

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